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A-Healthy-Childhood-Curiosity-How-to-Encourage-Your-Child-to-Ask-Questions As a leading Montessori School in Rockville, Maryland, we recognize that every child is a world of knowledge if only they are guided well. We believe that this is best approached with the question-and-answer method. When your child is able to learn on their own, such as with our inquiry-based learning approach, the chance for them to quickly absorb learning lasts longer. They can manage this if they have to ask the questions themselves.

We have trained our educators in our Montessori School in Maryland to nurture this inquiring attitude in the learners so they will be diligent and interested in pursuing knowledge. We believe that your support at home can be beneficial in the long-term effects of harvesting knowledge from an inquiring child.

Here are helpful ways that you can encourage your child to ask questions.

  • Entertain their WHY QuestionsAs soon as they begin to explore things around them at roughly three years of age, your child can already express their amazement to the world. They can begin formulating their WHY questions to you. Some of these are logical but most appear as funny to an adult’s ear. It’s important that no matter what question they ask, you will try to answer them as respectfully and as compassionately as you can.Entertaining their WHY questions not only help expand both of your knowledge, but it will also give them the confidence to learn further. With your support, they can see that asking questions is safe and right for them.
  • Pay full attention when the child is askingAs parents, you can also be pre-occupied with a lot of responsibilities at home and at work. For this reason, the presence of a day care in Rockville, Maryland can be a great opportunity for you to work on your tasks while your child is in a safe learning environment. However, despite this occupation, it’s also vital for us to give our full attention when our little one is asking.When they talk to you, stop what you’re doing, face them properly, and look them in the eye. You can trust that your child will appreciate your full attention, thus, inspiring them to be even more inquisitive.
  • Be encouraging in your responseAnswering our children’s questions can sometimes be mind-boggling. But our lack of inability to find creative replies should not keep us from being an encourager. When they ask you something, affirm them with encouraging words such as, “That’s an interesting idea!”, or “Wow! Why don’t you tell me more about it?”Your encouragement can get them excited about the new things they’ve learned, thus inspiring them to learn some more.

Part of our being a preschool in Maryland is our endeavor to nurture the learning potentials of your child. We know this can be achieved when they can learn independently by asking questions. If you’re interested to know of other ways to get your child engaged in their learning environment, drop us a visit at Norbeck Montessori.

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