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Timings: 7:30AM – 6:00PM

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happy children Norbeck Montessori welcomed Thomas Eaglebear, an Apache Native American for a unique presentation of traditional Native American storytelling, song, and dance. The children enjoyed the lively performance; the opportunity to touch his animal pelts and view cultural arts and crafts. A few of the children were volunteers to wear a bearskin coat, a fox shawl, and a wolf wrap. Although timid at first, they “warmed” up quickly!

Eaglebear began his presentation playing a Native American Flute, which in the Youtube video, you can hear how engaged the children were. He explained why he had two braids in his hair. Eaglebear shared that one strand of hair is weak, easy to break. When you weave them together in a braid, they become strong. He had shared several engaging songs and dances before he told a wonderful story about giving to those, people and aminals, that need it the most. The children enjoyed the entire experience, and Norbeck Montessori looks forward to having Eaglebear back again next year!

All of the pictures from the day are up on www.norbeckphotos.com!

About Thomas Eaglebear

Eaglebear leads the Eaglebear Native American Dancers, sharing interactive cultural presentations throughout the United States and internationally for 25 years. Comprised mainly of descendants of the Warm Springs Apache originally from New Mexico, although there are other native tribes and people represented in their community. Throughout the year, the family hosts at the cultural center in Gardner, Colorado. At various times, the dance troupe performs throughout the United States and internationally.

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