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Storytelling and book reading not only capture children’s attention, but it is also q terrific way to bond with your child. One of the most anticipated moments for kids is bedtime stories. Varied stories with new morals will let kids see things from a different perspective.

Not only that, but it helps children to imagine scenarios and even develop fantasies with them. Reading books can also be beneficial because:

A child who reads is a youngster who succeeds

  • It helps them focus and expands their vocabulary
  • It fosters empathy for children
  • It teaches kids about their surroundings
  • It shapes a child’s imagination

Enrolling your child in a Montessori school can also aid their focus and fire their learning. As Montessori childcare providers, we think that reading and sharing stories with children can help them improve their social and communication skills.

We have seen that children are quick learners at our preschool in Maryland. With the guidance of our teachers, students learn how to properly use and read a book. For toddlers who are still learning to read, we make it a point to integrate picture books in the classroom. Activities also include read-along and class storytelling to engage students with world-building, as well as sharpen their vocabulary.

Norbeck Montessori is a trusted provider of Montessori child care in Rockville, Maryland, that is dedicated to providing outstanding education and care for children. We provide daycare and preschool programs that are specifically developed for each child’s growth.

We do not bore the children with sit-down activities. To properly develop their talent and potential, we blend study with play, as well as hold a yearly summer camp in Maryland. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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