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Critical thinking is a widely used skill, making it an essential lesson for developing learners. Critical thinking is used to solve problems, make good decisions, understand the risks, and reflect on the consequences of one’s actions. This skill is highly encouraged in a Montessori School because it allows young learners to make sense of the world.

To encourage young learners to think critically, parents and teachers have to work together and consistently in instilling the right mindset and attitude. While children in a Child Care in Rockville, Maryland have a lot of exposure to engaging activities that will help foster their critical thinking skills, they also should be provided with opportunities to apply this multi-faceted practice at home. Parents can take part in their child’s critical thinking development by asking leading questions and encouraging positive behavior.

Since children in a Preschool in Maryland learn through imaginative play and language, here are critical thinking questions to make them think inquisitively:

  • How did your day go?
  • How are you unique from the other kids in your class?
  • What would you do for fun if there weren’t any TVs, computers, video games, or smartphones? Why?
  • What do you think your toys do when you’re not around?
  • How would your life be different if you had or didn’t have a brother or sister?

These questions will not only help children build the skills they need to thrive but also strengthen their relationships with their family members. Parents can have meaningful conversations with their children while stimulating their minds.

Your child’s healthy development is at the forefront of our curriculum. Norbeck Montessori is committed to developing resilient and globally competitive individuals with our world-class education and summer camp in Maryland.

Let your child explore fun learning experiences with us.

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