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Everything-You-Need-to-Know-about-Child-Development As parents, we can’t help but wonder if our children are on the right track.

Is our child showing signs of delayed development? And if they are, could they ever possibly catch up?

But experts say this isn’t the right way to view child development.

What Parents Need to Know about Child Development

Early Childhood Education is also key to successful child development.

What is the secret to successful parenting? While it would be nice to have some kind of secret knowledge or guidebook to rely on, the truth is, there is none. There is, however, vital information about child development that parents can hold on to. And as you come to know these things, you’ll get a sense of peace – a feeling that everything is going to work out for you and your child.

  • Your child will have tons of chances to catch upDevelopment is not defined by concrete stages or a clear-cut timetable. Children are unique and develop in different ways. Just because your child isn’t able to read right now doesn’t mean they won’t ever learn to or they’d be bad at it when they do.For instance, studies have shown that girls mature faster than boys. However, boys eventually catch up. In the same way, certain babies that show delayed development also catch up to their peers at around the age of twelve.
  • A little bit of frustration can be a good thingFrustration causes stress, and stress is normally a bad thing, right? In some cases, like this one, it can actually be good. Giving your children a little challenge and a bit of stress actually motivates them to accomplish a goal. While we’re not saying you purposely subject your children to stressful situations, you need to let them practice experiencing trouble for a bit, to see if they could handle it, before coming to the rescue.
  • Self-regulation is a skill your children must learn to develop early onNorbeck Montessori, a renowned Montessori School in Rockville, Maryland, emphasizes the importance of self-regulation. Children who are well regulated are likely to perform, focus, and relate to others better.
    Self-regulation is what eventually leads us to that place of mental and behavioral maturity, that self-actualized state, which usually occurs during our early 40’s.
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