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fun-exercise-options-for-your-child Do you engage your child in regular exercise routines? Thankfully enough, children are already active by nature. Hence, the concept of physical activities can be very attractive to them. Being a Montessori School in Rockville, Maryland, we recognize the vital role of physical activities in the way a child acquires their overall learning. This is also our way of evaluating whether the child is fit enough for the day to participate in our class programs. After all, your child’s healthy body can help support their healthy mind.

With this, we encourage you to continually immerse your child in a culture of being physically active while having fun. Here are some of our suggestions as a Montessori School in Maryland.

  • Playing in the Playground
    Most, if not all, children will enjoy being on the playground. They love to run around, fly with the swing, or glide along the slide. Being in the playground also allows them to have good interaction with other children their age while giving them time to work their bones and muscles. Playing is indeed a fun way of exercising for children.
  • Jogging with You
    You can also develop a habit of physical exercises when you tag your child along for your jogging routines. This can also be your bonding moment, so you can use this as a way to entice your child when they’re not very inclined to the activity. Just remember to gear them up with the right and comfortable jogging attire.
  • Swimming
    Not only is it an efficient way to exercise the body, swimming is also a fun activity for your child. Even as preschoolers, your child can already enjoy their time dipping in the pool while moving their limbs for a quality exercise. Swimming can also help improve their breathing.
  • Participating in Sports
    Is your child into sports? Getting them to join one will not just provide them an exciting way to get their body moving, but it can also be fun to do. They will also meet other children who they can start to have friendships with, another essential factor for their quality childhood development. This can be another great contributor to their excellent Early Childhood Education.

Thinking of activities to get your child moving is not really that challenging for present-day parents like you, especially that we have the Internet at our disposal. We can simply look up for other child-friendly activities online that can get your child to participate in, which are also going to get them worked out. As a trusted provider of Day Care in Rockville, Maryland, we pay special attention to the holistic development of your child. Hence, we provide for as much freedom in the classroom as possible so that your child can get to accomplish learning tasks on their own, learn at their own pace, while letting them exercise in the process.

At Norbeck Montessori, we help you bring out the best in your child. Inquire about our services if you’re interested.

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