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Operated Since 1975

Early childhood education emphasizes creativity heavily. It helps support mental growth and skill development. It can also increase a child’s emotional intelligence and help them deal with stressful events. Below are some tips to help you, parents, improve your child’s creative thinking abilities:
  • Encourage free play. While you may want your child to participate in different extra-curricular activities, it is equally vital to let them play independently. Free fun helps children think more creatively and enables them to solve their issues.
  • Let them experiment with different art forms. While the complexity can vary depending on the age, art is always a fantastic way to boost creativity. There are various things to do, like painting, coloring, crafts, and sketching.
  • Your child should learn to ask questions. Open-ended interrogatives and what-if questions can encourage children to think outside the box and improve their creativity. They can think of solutions and develop their ideas if you can pique their curiosity about the world.
Have you considered enrolling your child in a Montessori school in Rockville, Maryland? You need not look further than Norbeck Montessori. We are a private school that offers several childcare programs that all aim to help children unleash their potential and hasten their skills. Through the Montessori method, we want to prepare them for the coming years but at their own unique pace. For the best preschool in Maryland, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Enroll your child with us today!
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