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Anxiety is one of the emotions commonly suffered by children, particularly older children. Anxiety sets in due to factors, such as a sudden change in a child’s life or a particularly traumatizing experience in recent history.

Parents have the responsibility to address anxiety and ease their children’s symptoms. It’s imperative that the family members of a child with anxiety address the concern, as it can affect them growing up. For instance, enrolling your anxious child in a summer camp in Maryland could turn out to be difficult as something could happen that can trigger his or her symptoms.

Here are some ways that you can help ease a child’s anxiety and steer her or him on the road to recovery:

  • Talk to your child as gently as possible to get them to share what’s bothering them.
  • Help the child address their feelings through counseling and providing resources, like books and movies they can understand.
  • Teach the child breathing and relaxation techniques that they can use when they feel their anxiety setting in.

Anxiety is also one of the issues commonly addressed by child care in Rockville, Maryland, and can be addressed partially through intervention and positive reinforcement in a Montessori environment.

Of course, anxiety and other behavioral issues can be addressed early when you entrust your child’s early education to a Montessori school.

We at Norbeck Montessori can help you and your child slowly recover from anxiety and gain confidence and independence. Instilling confidence and independence is one of our missions as a Montessori preschool in Maryland.

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