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match-your-childs-activities-with-the-right-kind-of-footwear Activities at school vary every day, and so should your child’s footwear. Letting your child wear the right kind of shoes for different terrains and activities in and outside of our Day Care in Rockville, Maryland can prevent slipping and other injuries from taking place, so they can continue having fun all day.

Depending on the activity lined up for the week at our Montessori School in Rockville, Maryland, here is a short footwear guide to match fun learning activities at our day care center:

  1. Soft Shoes
    Most, if not all, children will enjoy being on the playground. They love to run around, fly with the swing, or glide along the slide. Being in the playground also allows them to have good interaction with other children their age while giving them time to work their bones and muscles. Playing is indeed a fun way of exercising for children.
  2. Closed Shoes
    These are ideal for days with light school activities. Open sandals and light rubbery footwear give children ease with movement, and these do not necessarily come with shoelaces that they need to keep tying over and over. The downside to these types of shoes is that they are easy to remove and your child might want to keep on removing them.
  3. Rubber Shoes
    Closed shoes are ideal for days with light school activities. These will always go with anything, even for themed or fashion pieces your child may like to wear. Just make sure that their shoes do not hurt and will not give them blisters around the ankles.
  4. Boots
    Rubber shoes are ideal for more active schooldays. These all-around versatile shoes can help give full protection on your child’s feet on more active days at our Preschool in Maryland.

Always remember that when yours or your child’s footwear gets dirty, damp, or damaged, it is always best to change or switch footwear the following day to air them out and avoid bacterial infections and other itchy feet problems, such as athlete’s foot.

Do not let shoes get in the way of your child’s active learning. Whatever the activity, let them always be ready to jump in and have fun.

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