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Every parent wants to know what their child is doing at school. However, more often than not when you ask your child what they did today, they will most likely answer, “I played” or “nothing”. Of course, as parents, we know this is not true but we also really want to know what they have been working on and learning. Therefore, we implemented a new reporting tool called Montessori Records Express or MRX. MRX allows us to communicate with our parents and allows parents to check in anytime to see what their child has been working on in the classroom. MRX enables each teacher to customize the lessons that directly pertain to their individual classroom/students. It also gives the teachers easy access to see what each child has accomplished, what they are progressing on and when they are ready for something a bit more challenging. As a parent and an assistant teacher here at Norbeck, I love the program! As a mom, the fact that I can access the program at any time during the year to see what my son is working on, is probably one of the biggest benefits to me. As an assistant, I love how easy it is to organize and keep track of the progress for all the kids we work with. Since our initial launch in October, a new feature was added- videos! The video links allow you to get a better idea as to what the lessons actually look like and how they are done.

The Primary Montessori teachers have been working hard these past few months imputing information and really learning the program for our parents. We know this is new for you (and us) but we hope you like it and get as much from it as we do.

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