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pizza eating This past Friday, Mr. Denis’ math and science lessons took a mouth watering turn as Norbeck Montessori’s Big K kids kicked off their study of fractions. The kindergarteners’ annual Fractions Pizza Party is a favorite activity for all of the kids, and it allows the children to learn fractions using a food that everyone loves to make and eat!

As the assembly table was bring prepped with the fixings, the kindergarten students split into four groups. Each group was tasked to create their pizza masterpiece. Each student took their turn adding sauce, spreading it, adding the cheese and toppings. Then, off to the ovens, their edible fraction lessons went.

This yummy fraction activity created excitement in all of the children. One kindergartener mentioned to Mr. Denis that this was “the best activity” they have ever done! The Big K students will get to apply this activity to a variety of fraction lessons in the coming days and weeks. They will identify fractions, fraction parts of the whole, equivalent fractions and fractional parts, subtract fraction parts from a whole and other fraction concepts.

Head over to Norbeckphotos.com to view the kids enjoying making their masterpieces. Also, for fun pizza fractions activities that you can do at home, check out Life Over C’s blog for printable activities.

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