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sleeping-goes-a-long-way-find-out-3-benefits-now Sleeping is absolutely one of the best and early investments you can give your child, so they can get the optimum mental and physical development in their growing years. This is so they can keep up with new discoveries when they join in any Early Childhood Education program.

Easier said than done, putting your child to sleep can be a difficult routine at times because children have so much energy in them. But this energy should also be replaced every day. Read on below to find out three (3) great benefits of sleeping that you can give your child.

  1. Time to Grow
    It is only in sleeping that developing children get the chance to grow, aside from eating nutritious foods rich in calcium, protein, vitamin A and all the good stuff needed for bone growth. By letting them sleep longer hours, you are allowing your child’s body to generate and regenerate cells needed for proper childhood growth and development.
  2. More Energy for the Day
    Since there are different games and programs offered in our Montessori School in Rockville, Maryland, prepping your child with a good night’s sleep will give them more energy to enjoy the day’s activities. No more missing out on all the fun and adventure their class is supposed to experience.
  3. Happier Moods
    Mood swings, crankiness, and hunger pangs are often associated with the lack of sleep, which is also evident in what adults experience when they do not get to sleep right. Sleeping well and comfortably lets your child’s entire body relax from all the spent energy with all the discovery they had to do during their day at our Montessori School in Maryland.

So let your child sleep and grant them better focus for the next day because well-rested children get to enjoy and discover more when they have the energy to spend on learning new things.

Norbeck Montessori also offers Spanish options for pre-school and kindergarten programs along with our enrichment programs. If you are interested in enrolling your child with us, please give us a call at 301-924-4233 or click here to start your online enrollment.

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