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Music is a harmonious sound and the voice and audience of our soul. It moves us; it anchors us. It is a beauty within and around. Most of all, music is an instrument of development, preservation, and betterment, especially for young children.

A montessori school recommends that children as young as three years old should attend music classes or start learning a musical instrument.

Studies reported that being exposed to music, especially learning musical instruments, positively influences a child’s motor, social, cognitive, language, and academic development. Musically taught children also become more empathetic, spontaneous, cooperative, and helpful.

Music can also teach students to express their feeling, thoughts, and creativity. With such exposure, children engaged in music become more confident and friendly. It also teaches kids, especially the young ones, resiliency, and discipline. Most importantly, Child care in Rockville, Maryland understands that music kindle a young child’s brain development, especially cognition. The most influenced areas are a child’s reading, language acquisition, and mathematical learning and skills.

Our preschool in Maryland can guarantee that their classes’ learning will involve music. Not just to improve brain and social development but to make it a fun and active experience. It is exciting to see our transitional two’s, preschool, and kindergarten pupils dance again to the rhythm of the music.

At Norbeck Montessori, we also offer summer camp in Maryland filled with music, learning, and fun.

Are you interested in getting your child involved with music? Get in touch with us now!

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