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It can be natural for kids to develop skills and gain knowledge as they age. The more they experience life, their development can happen. Despite this natural progression, parents and educators will still have a hand in their development.

As a preschool in Maryland, we want to help parents help their kids develop better. One of the more underrated ways to develop a wide range of skills is to ask children open-ended questions.

Open-ended questions are those that cannot be answered with a simple yes or a no. These questions require a long-form response—something that a person needs to think about before answering.

  • Better Communication
    When you ask kids open-ended questions, they will most likely have to give you as much detail as they can spare. With these answers, they can practice better communication. Open-ended questions spark conversations that allow them to practice social skills as well. These skills are highly valued in our Montessori school.
  • Stronger Cognition
    Before kids can provide their answers to open-ended questions, they need to form them inside their heads first. Thinking about what to answer helps them develop many of their cognitive abilities. These questions can be seen as a problem too. And as they think about the answer, their critical thinking skills are sharpened.
  • Harmonious Relationships
    As mentioned, open-ended questions can mark the beginning of meaningful conversations. Through these conversations, you can develop better relationships with your young one.

Let us contribute to the development of your kids here at Norbeck Montessori. We offer child care in Rockville, Maryland, to help your kids gain new skills and knowledge.

We also offer summer camp in Maryland to help kids enjoy the summer while learning. Call us today!

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