4500 Muncaster Mill Rd, Rockville, MD


Timings: 7:30AM – 6:00PM

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Operated Since 1975

Application refers to the ability to use learned and observed understanding of knowledge in concrete and real-life situations. This is one of the foundational learning philosophies that a Montessori School follows. It is believed that children learn efficiently when they are learning independently, as this unlocks a child’s potential outside of academics and theories. As they start gaining knowledge and learning more about certain topics, they work on developing a deeper understanding of said topics, which eventually leads to them applying this knowledge in the field. Together with proper guidance and assessment, this helps them become self-directed learners full of confidence and enthusiasm.

Norbeck Montessori has a specialized curriculum designed to create a natural approach to opportunities for independence and accountability. This is an important aspect of Child Care in Rockville, Maryland, as this fosters an environment of self-paced learning, encourages curiosity, and opens an opportunity to apply prior learning to life situations. By engaging them in problem-solving activities that rely on movement and the senses and demonstrating acquired skills in the classroom, children become more attentive and mindful of their surroundings. These activities help reinforce the concepts that children have understood from the previous level of comprehension.

Visit their Preschool in Maryland and schedule a tour to know more about the curriculum they offer. You may also contact them through call or text at (301) 924-4233.

They also have a Summer Camp in Maryland for kids who want to continue learning and enjoying different activities over the summer.

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