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Timings: 7:30AM – 6:00PM

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Toddler Parent/Child Morning and Art Show:


The Parent-Child mornings and Art Shows were hugely successful in our toddler classrooms. Not only did our parents have the opportunity to see their child’s favorite lessons but they also were given the opportunity to walk through the, “Transitional Two’s Art Gallery”.

Just like our Parent/Child nights for the primary children, the children become the teachers and moms and dads the student. Our little ones “taught” and showed off some of their favorite lessons and new best friends to their loving parents and/or grandparents. After lesson time, the children got to show off their beautiful artwork, displayed in the classroom. The works of art used techniques such as marble painting, shaving cream marble paper, tile mosaics, soda bottles to make Cherry Blossoms, buttons to make Cherry Blossom trees, and many more. It was truly amazing to see the different objects the children used to make these beautiful pieces of art and joy the parents got from seeing what their children did.

The children all loved spending some time with their families showing them what they love to do in the mornings in their classrooms. These Parent/Child events are something that will continue when the toddlers transition into their primary classrooms, the only difference being they are held in the evening. Parents are amazed to see the progress their child is making each time they attend one of these events.

We want to thank all the families that were able to stop in for this fun-filled morning. It meant the world to us to see so many beautiful families participate. We would also like to give a BIG shout out to all the teachers in Ms. Nita’s and Ms. Anna’s classrooms for the tireless work that they have been doing to prepare our toddlers for them to transition to our primary classrooms.

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