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Why-Your-Preschooler-Should-Never-Skip-Breakfast When it comes to the total development of your child’s well-being, you can trust, dear parents, that you have our complete support. In our Montessori School in Rockville, Maryland, we aim for nothing less for the learners that we teach. We know that you entrust them to us for a good reason, and so we will do our best to let you see that you’re reaping the good harvest of your preschooler’s quality of learning.

In our advocacy to bring up quality early childhood education, we also recognize the power of a good and healthy breakfast. More than the habit of eating breakfast, giving them the right kind of food to eat can also boost up their childhood development. With this, we encourage you to strive in giving good and healthy breakfast to your children at home. Here are the reasons why you should:

  • Increases Energy for the DayBreakfast is your child’s first meal of the day after having had nothing to eat for about 12 hours while they were sleeping. They will need this energy to be able to participate in the activities and interact with their classmates. Hungry children can be agitated and unable to maintain good relationships with other children.
  • Helps Maintain Age-appropriate WeightWhen your child eats breakfast, their metabolism starts to kick in. The food they eat is properly digested and the nutrients distributed to the rest of the body parts. Hence, they will feel full and will not have unhealthy cravings in the middle of the day. Consequently, they will not gain unnecessary weight at their young age.
  • Improves Alertness and FocusWith a good and healthy breakfast, your child can be energized for the day. The nutrients of what they eat help improve their sense of focus so that they can pay attention to their activities in their Preschool in Maryland. This results in better learning since their participation can help them to remember their lessons effectively.
  • Improves Physical HealthWhen your child is eating healthy meals every time, you’re also strengthening their immune system so that they can stay away from infections. In their growing up years, preschoolers can still be prone to illnesses that can get complicated. With healthy breakfast every day, along with their regular healthy meals, you’re preserving their overall health.

The role of breakfast cannot be underestimated for a person’s overall well-being. This is not just a vital call for children. This is also essential for parents like you, especially as you work towards your child’s overall well-being. Eating breakfast with your children will not just encourage them to practice this good habit, but will also set them a good example through you.

Here at Norbeck Montessori, you will find that every program and activity we design is always geared towards the total building up of your child. Let this post be a reminder and encouragement for you that when it comes to your child’s development, you have us as your partners.

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