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You simply want a child care center that’s affordable, high-quality, and that’s as close to your home or work as possible.

It’s not too much to ask, right? Until you start researching your options for a Montessori School in Rockville, Maryland. You might find yourself overwhelmed with all of the options available to you and you might start to get stressed out. Questions such as, “Which reviews can I trust?” “How do I know this facility is better than the other?” might start to come up.

The search for the right childcare can be stressful, but don’t get discouraged. Here are 3 signs of a great infant and toddler center that you should look out for:

  1. A Safe, Secure EnvironmentThis is a no-brainer for all parents. Every parent wants to send their child to a safe, secure environment and great centers go above and beyond to meet this need. Great child care centers ensure that their facility is childproofed, has a clean and well-kept play space with age-appropriate toys, and that every child is constantly supervised. Here are some other things that you can consider to check if the child care center is safe and secure:

    • How are children checked in and out?
    • Who has access to the daycare center? Just parents/guardians? Volunteers?
    • How is security from unauthorized people implemented?
    • Are doors and windows secured?
    • What security measures are in place? CCTVs? Security Alarms?
  2. A Caring, Stimulating EnvironmentFirst impressions are important when it comes to choosing a Preschool in Maryland. As you walk in the door, does it seem like a clean, fun, and vibrant place for your child? Take a look at the environment and be sure it’s welcoming and home-like – a place where your child can feel comfortable and have fun in. Also, observe the children. Are they engaged and happy? Do they have access to age-appropriate toys and activities? Do they seem comfortable with the caregivers? If you feel really good about the environment, you may even be able to picture your child there.
  3. Qualified Caregivers Who CareDuring your tour, don’t hesitate to ask about the credentials of the caregivers and staff who work there. As much as possible, make sure that they have the basic certifications. At most, they should have degrees related to childhood development or are in the process of obtaining one. They should also be trained in CPR, First Aid, and other emergency procedures. When it comes to “intangible qualities”, you can learn a lot by observing. During the tour, observe how the caregivers and teachers interact with the children. Also, consider how comfortable you feel with the caregivers. Are they communicative and cooperative? Are they willing to answer your questions?

These are just 3 signs of a great Day Care in Rockville, Maryland. Of course, every family is different and have unique needs, so don’t forget to take into account other things that you are looking for in an infant and toddler center as well. Got questions? We can help! Visit us at Norbeck Montessori!

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