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Starting preschool can be a big adjustment for any child and parent. To help prepare your child (and yourself) for Early Childhood Education, here are some things that you can do at home to help make the transition easier:

  1. Explore the idea of preschool ahead of time
    Before school even starts, make sure to introduce the idea of preschool to your child. Spark excitement and introduce the concept of preschool in a fun, exciting way. Read them stories about preschool. Use “pretend play” – you can act out common daily routines, such as saying goodbye to mommy and daddy. You can act out the classroom settings, while taking turns being the child and the teacher. Consider taking your child on a trip to see their new school and if possible, let them meet some of their future teachers. Reassure your child that preschool is a safe place where they can meet new friends, learn, and have fun at the same time.
  2. Build trust
    Before school starts at your Montessori School in Rockville, Maryland, consider leaving them in someone else’s care to help them get used to being separated from you. However, remember that being consistent is highly important. Be consistent and reassure them that you will always come back at the end of the day. If you break this routine, your child may lose confidence and may find it hard to be separated from you. A child who is securely attached knows that they are being dropped off at school to learn and play and that in a few hours, you will be back to take them home.
  3. Play Spaces at the new Preschool in Maryland
    If possible, schedule a tour of the preschool and visit the facility with your child. Allow your child to explore and play in the new environment. Let them meet some of their future teachers and caregivers. Visiting the preschool ahead of time can increase your child’s comfort in this new setting.
  4. Encourage independence
    If you usually jump in to help your child with tasks, now is a good time to start taking a step back. Prior to starting preschool, you have to encourage your child’s independence. Help your child develop a sense of self-reliance and let them manage some tasks without you. For instance, encourage your child to pack their toys away after playing – this is a great way to teach them about independence. You can also let them complete their own daily tasks, such as choosing what to wear. You may also consider letting them help out with some simple household chores. By encouraging independence, you can help your child become more confident as they start preschool.

What do you think about these tips? Share your thoughts below! You may also share other tips to help other parents prepare and transition their child to preschool.

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