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Operated Since 1975

Early childhood education can provide children a jumpstart in life, promoting their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. It will also teach them important life lessons and values like teamwork, compassion, perseverance, empathy, and a love for lifelong learning. Our Montessori School can provide your children with high-quality early education and more. Benefits of early childhood education programs like ours include:

  • It Helps and Teaches Them How to Make Friends
    Early education programs will teach children how to play well with others and teach values like compassion, empathy, and teamwork. These values will help them make friends, boost their confidence, improve their social skills, and promote their social development.
  • It Will Support Their Transition Into Primary Skill
    Early education programs will prepare children for both informal and formal schooling by exposing them to what a learning environment is and teaching early literacy, communication, and numeracy skills. Our Preschool in Maryland can help prepare your children for future education by helping them build a love for lifelong learning.
  • It Will Help Develop Independence and Build Confidence
    Early education programs will often be the first time children spend some time away from their families, helping them learn more about themselves, build independence, and build confidence in their decision-making.

These are just a few of the many benefits children can expect from early education programs.

Here at Norbeck Montessori, we provide high-quality early education for children and reliable Child Care in Rockville, Maryland. Call us at (301) 924-4233 for more information.

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