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Many children struggle with studying due to a variety of factors like boredom, lack of interest, distractions, or a lack of good study techniques or habits. Schools like our Preschool in Maryland provide early education programs that help children develop good study habits and a love for lifelong learning. Parents can also instill good study habits in their children at home by:

  • Teaching Them How to Manage Their Time
    Time management is an important lifelong skill for children that teaches them how to develop routines, including healthy study routines. It will also promote better school and work-life balance. Your children will also learn about time management at our Montessori School.
  • Making Studying Feel Less Like a Chore
    Study time can feel tedious and boring for many children. If this is the case, help make study time more engaging by using games, flashcards, real-life applications, and educational videos.
  • Limiting Distractions During Study Time
    Distractions could be one of the main reasons your kids find it difficult to sit still during study time. Limit distractions during study time, but make sure they understand that they can enjoy their toys all they want as long as they spend some time studying first. Many children prioritize play because they fear they won’t have the chance later.

Our school, Norbeck Montessori, will help your children develop good study habits and many other positive values. We also provide reliable Child Care in Rockville, Maryland. Call us at (301) 924-4233 for more information.

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