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Learning doesn’t have to stop just because your child is taking a break from school! Continuing the journey of education at home during the summer offers families the special opportunity to spend some quality time together. This doesn’t necessarily mean they need to conduct formal math classes the way it’s done at Preschool in Maryland.

There are tons of fun ways children and their parents can have fun while still learning a thing or two about the world.

Here are several tips our Montessori School recommend parents to try:

  • Follow your child’s curiosity.Let your child’s interests and curiosities guide you toward the right activities to do or topics to discuss during their summer break. Do they like music? Animals? Art? Plan events that revolve around subjects that spark your child’s hunger to discover new things.

    Enrolling them in a summer camp in Maryland is also a great way to expose your child to new things that may help them become better, well-rounded individuals.

  • Make memories together.Childhood is a very precious period for both parents and their kids. You’re never going to have the same opportunities, the same experiences, or the same situations ever again. Cherish these moments together!

    Whether it’s going on a road trip with the family or visiting Disney Land. Focus on creating joyful memories, because those will be worth looking back on in the future.

Here at Norbeck Montessori, we encourage parents to play an active role in their children’s education and Child Care in Rockville, Maryland. Make the effort of spending a little more quality time with your little one this summer.

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