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After a long two months of fun and shenanigans, it can be tough for children — especially the younger ones — to get back in the jive of normal school schedules. As parents, you can help your little one prepare to get back to school with these simple tips from us at Norbeck Montessori!

When preparing your child to return to Preschool in Maryland, try to be curious about their feelings and thoughts. Ask them open questions, find out how they’re feeling about the start of school. Is there anything making them feel anxious or elated? Is there something that’s confusing them?

These types of transitions in life, it’s a parent’s job to guide their child through the process, to help them understand events as they unfold.

If your child expresses feeling sad or agitated about something, validate their feelings by saying it’s okay to feel the way they feel. Children have a harder time understanding and controlling their emotions, so it’s important that parents be understanding and accepting.

Planning ahead of time can also help your child’s transition from summer camp in Maryland to normal schooling much easier. Make time to go over this plan with your little one as much as possible to help them prepare.

One of the topics you should include in your plan is safety and healthy protocols. Although COVID-19 vaccines are more readily available to the public, it’s still important for everyone to practice proper social distancing and hand hygiene to prevent illnesses and diseases from compromising health.

Our Montessori School understands that this transition isn’t easy for most children. Therefore, we do our best to ease them into the process and give them time to adjust.

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