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Timings: 7:30AM – 6:00PM

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Operated Since 1975

Our world is constantly changing, shifting, innovating, and it is your job – as parents – to help your children prepare for what they might face.

As a provider of top-quality Child Care in Rockville, Maryland, we at Norbeck Montessori are providing you with this list of 4 essential skills that your children should learn before they start working and living in a world that will never stop changing.

  1. Asking Questions (Curiosity)
    We want our children to be able to learn on their own, to teach themselves anything. This way, we won’t have to spoon-feed our kids everything.
  2. Problem Solving (Initiative)
    Let your children fiddle with their problems; don’t immediately jump to their aid. This will help them develop confidence in their problem-solving abilities.
  3. Enthusiasm in Activity (Passion)
    Don’t discourage any interest your child might have – encourage them.
  4. Autonomy and Confidence (Independence)
    Kids should be taught and encouraged to increasingly stand on their own.

Preschool in Maryland is a great training ground for children to develop and cultivate these 4 skills and many other talents they possess.

To learn more about our programs, you may contact our Montessori School here.

We have a variety of upcoming activities for our summer camp in Maryland.

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