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Children are natural scientists. They are always exploring, experimenting, and taking risks. Don’t allow your kids to lose their interest in science.

Here are three simple tips to support your kids’ innate curiosity:

  1. Explore, explore, exploreVisiting your local parks or spending an afternoon in your garden provides many opportunities to learn about science. Or, you can look for a Montessori school that offers STEM themes where children can explore different areas of science, like plants, animals, or space.In addition to exploring as a family, it is critical to invest in your children’s willingness to learn. Enrolling them in a summer camp in Maryland helps build your kids’ love for nature.
  2. Conduct experimentsKids learn more about science through trial and error. Give them the chance to try things out by conducting fun experiments that explain the basics of science.
  3. Encourage questionsIf your children ask why the moon is following them, respond in a way that boosts their scientific thinking. It is also important to encourage them to share their observations about the world around them.

Are you looking for a preschool in Maryland that offers programs to captivate your child’s natural curiosity? Then you’re in the right place!

At Norbeck Montessori, a provider of child care in Rockville, Maryland, we have a hands-on science program designed to prepare students for a lifetime love of science. Get in touch with us to learn more details about this program.

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