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A Montessori School in Rockville, Maryland is a multi-age classroom that offers a lot of benefits to children.

The multi-age classroom means that kids are grouped according to a certain age bracket and not with a similar age. These children will stay in this class for a whole three-year cycle. Every Montessori school implements this setup. We do this because we know that this highly benefits a child’s learning and development.

Consider these advantages of a multi-age classroom:

  1. Leadership Opportunity
    The leadership of children can be developed in a multi-age classroom. The older ones in, particular, can step up to their role as the ones ahead in years. Also, the younger ones naturally look up to those who are older than them. Because of this, leaders learn how to empathize and the younger value patience as a result.
  2. Essence of Family
    The multi-age classroom in a Montessori School in Maryland is also promoting the essence of a family. After all, children are exposed to different age groups when they are in their family. Because of this, they develop trust and friendship with each other. This kind of relationship is essential for kids especially when they grow up as adults.
  3. Nurturing of Trust
    Similar to the previous point, the trust that children have for each other can be developed. Because they spend time together in the whole three years, they get to value each other’s personality and learn to deepen their friendship. The level of trust started in childhood can further enhance their sense of confidence later on.
  4. Building Independence
    The programs in a Montessori-based Preschool in Maryland are catered to the different age groups. Because these are not age-specific, children learn to decide on undertaking the activities they like to do. As a result, they develop independence, which is very essential for their quality learning. They will also gain from this sense of independence when they become adults.
  5. Respect for Diversity
    Furthermore, the multi-age classroom also accommodates children from a different cultural and ethnic background. This is an essential exposure for them to learn and accept diversity. In the world they will grow up in, they get exposed to different people of different backgrounds. Their respect for diversity helps them to be better individuals.
  6. Peer Learning
    Because children are with other peers different from their age, they can get to learn what the older or younger ones are experiencing. Because they have different learning progress, they learn to mirror the development of another child. As a result, peer learning happens and children will realize that they can also achieve something like how the other kids did.

As a provider of Early Childhood Education, we know that the Montessori multi-age classroom can help a big deal in promoting quality learning. If you’re interested in our curricula, inquire from us today at Norbeck Montessori.

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