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As parents, we’ve all wondered about those questionable antics that our children seemed to have developed over time. Fortunately, for the most part, they’re nothing to worry about and, if any, they’re actually quite helpful to their development.

As your trusted preschool in Maryland, we at Norbeck Montessori are listing down some of these questionable behaviors and what they could mean in your child’s development.

  • Making a total mess
    Are you worried about the chocolate all over his face, the cheese on his hands, or his hair splattered with milk? Are these things becoming a usual sight? You shouldn’t! According to a Development Science study, children who always made a mess with their food had a faster and more accurate way of learning words.
  • Wanting to read the same book over and over again
    If your child has been requesting ‘One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish’ for weeks in a row even after they’ve just been read the story in their Montessori school, don’t fret. As a provider of child care in Rockville, Maryland, we say it actually helps your child’s speech development and helps cement their growing vocabulary.
  • Answering ‘no’ every single time you ask a question
    Has your child been answering ‘no’ to your questions? We’re not talking about the serious ones—like that one time on his summer camp in Maryland where you asked if he would like to bring with him his sleeping teddy. We’re referring to his almost automatic ‘no’ before you even begin to say your question.

Yep, it could be something else. Maybe he’s been a little spoiled, but it could also mean that your child is on his way to self-discovery and self-identity.

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