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AAP has determined ways on how parents can deal with their kids in this technology-fraught generation. It’s inevitable that children grow up digitally, so the obligation of instilling in them a healthy balance lies in their parents or a preschool in Maryland they’re enrolled at.

At best, what you can do to give them discipline over their use of technology is limit their screen time. Child care in Rockville, Maryland suggests these tips:

  • Let them know why their screen time is limited
    Explain to them the downsides of technology overuse. Knowing these, they will be more likely to follow the rules you established.
  • Model healthy digital use
    Before you can set rules, model healthy screen time for your kids, like controlling your time watching Netflix, TV, or any other technology device.
  • Make technology-free zones
    There should be zones in your home where all kinds of electronics are simply not allowed. This could be your home’s kitchen or dining room, or at the Montessori school they’re enrolled at.
  • Set family time to unplug
    Whether during dinnertime or an hour before bedtime, make it a clear rule that it’s at these times the whole family will unplug. This gives your family a great opportunity to spend quality time with one another.

Or you can give them other activities to be occupied with, such as sending them to a summer camp in Maryland. Norbeck Montessori offers these programs.

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