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There are different ways children learn. Knowing their learning style helps you support them better with their education. Here are Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences that are acknowledged in every Montessori school:

  • Linguistic
    These are kids who are sensitive to the meaning and order of words. At the child care in Rockville, Maryland, they usually like to tell jokes, stories, or play word games.
  • Logical-mathematical
    Kids who learn this way enjoy working with numbers, recognize patterns and order, can handle chains of reasoning, and ask lots of questions.
  • Bodily-kinesthetic
    Kinesthetic learners use their bodies skillfully and expertly handle objects. They love to be physically active and play sports, which is what is offered at a preschool in Maryland.
  • Musical
    These kids are sensitive to melody, pitch, tone, and rhythm, so they will love either listening to or playing music, humming, moving to the rhythm, replicating the tunes, or singing.
  • Spatial
    This refers to the ability to perceive the world accurately and transform or recreate its aspects. Kids with this intelligence enjoy building with blocks, looking at maps, or doing puzzles and mazes.
  • Naturalist
    This type of intelligence gives kids the ability to recognize and classify the numerous species, fauna, and flora of an environment.
  • Interpersonal
    Kids with high interpersonal relationships let them understand relationships and people.
  • Intrapersonal
    Intrapersonal-intelligent kids have the ability to use their emotional life to understand themselves and others.

Norbeck Montessori provides summer camp in Maryland and many other learning opportunities to enhance the young learners’ various kinds of intelligence.

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