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Few occasions can rival the magic of the holidays for children, probably only last year’s summer camp in Maryland being an exception. However, for us parents, the holidays can mean everything from a break from the rush of morning routines and the busyness of school days to a time of running out of ideas with how to occupy them.

As your preschool in Maryland, we at Norbeck Montessori say it’s also an opportunity to make lessons out of their experiences—think meeting uncles and aunts, cousins, and distant relatives, and all the holiday festivities. We suggest doing the following:

  • Let them help out/participate
    Your child is capable of helping out on simple chores than you think they are. Ask them to put lettuce on sandwiches or hold on the tape while you wrap presents. These simple activities can already build in them a sense of responsibility.
  • Still keep routines
    You may think that routines were only necessary when your child was going to their Montessori School. But routines have a way of keeping clarity in the mid of the holiday chaos. Also, by keeping their pre-holiday routine, you can teach them about the importance of things early on, such as sleeping early and eating properly and healthily — things that may take a backseat during the excess of the season.
  • Make sure to enjoy yourself
    As providers of child care in Rockville, Maryland ourselves, we know that it’s no easy feat to take care of your child (and on the holiday season, too!). But remember that our moods have a direct effect on our children, so make sure to not be too caught up on the holiday prep and enjoy yourself too.

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