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As parents, distractions, boredom, and even tantrums are common reactions when trying to teach your children something new. Add this on top of your child care in Rockville, Maryland, and you can opt to leave all the learning at school.

Fortunately, you can follow certain ways that can help you ensure that they will be able to learn their new lessons easily—yes, without being bored or throwing a tantrum!

As your trusted preschool in Maryland, we at Norbeck Montessori suggest the following ways:

  • Don’t try to force it.Your preschooler’s brain isn’t equipped to handle lessons that require them to sit still and focus on one thing for hours on end.
  • Don’t tell them how a device works.According to studies, preschoolers are less likely to sustain interest when shown and told how a device works than when left to figure out and experiment on their own.
  • Hands-on is the way to go.To the same effect, make sure that you prioritize hands-on activities and give them very minimal explanations.
  • Build on what they already know.You will have an easier time teaching a new topic when you build on what they already know rather than trying to introduce new lessons without context.

Pro-tip: Are they showing special interest over something lately? Perhaps they were specifically fascinated with bubble painting during last year’s summer camp in Maryland? You may use this special interest could be your springboard.

Work with their teacher on their Montessori School
Collaborative learning is always a good thing. Ask their teacher about their special interests or tell them the ones you’ve noticed and try to build on that or simply reinforce them at home.

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